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Crushing American Democracy
It’s Real and It’s Happening Now

July 15, 2022
American democracy is under attack. “One person, one vote” is not a certainty, and some members of our government and of our communities are taking actions to ensure that voters are discouraged and disenfranchised in efforts to win local, state and federal elections at all costs. There are a … Continue reading

All About the Filibuster

July 14, 2022
What is the filibuster? The filibuster is a parliamentary tactic used to delay action on a legislative bill by talking a great length. The use of this tactic dates back to… Continue reading

The Outdated Notion of the Electoral College
Has an Old Compromise Outlived its Utility?

July 13, 2022
Has an old compromise outlived its utility? The Electoral College was created in 1787 in Philadelphia at a constitutional convention. At that time no other country in the world directly elected its chief executive and the Founding Fathers … Continue reading

What is Gerrymandering?

June 30, 2022
Gerry­man­der­ing is a polit­ical tactic in which voting bound­ar­ies are drawn with the inten­tion of influ­en­cing who gets elec­ted. Today’s intric­ate algorithms and detailed voter data allow map draw­ers to game redis­trict­ing on a massive scale with surgical preci­sion. learn more about how gerrymandering is done » The practice of gerrymandering is nearly as old … Continue reading

3 Dirty Tricks of Gerrymandering

June 16, 2022
Gerry­man­der­ing is a polit­ical tactic in which voting bound­ar­ies are drawn with the inten­tion of influ­en­cing who gets elec­ted. But how is it done? When we dig into the details we find 3 dirty tricks that are consistently used… Continue reading

California’s Voter Bill of Rights

June 1, 2022
The Official Voter Information Guide for the California Primary Election on June 7, 2022 begins with the Voter Bill of Rights. It’s visually striking, consuming a whole page. Plus impressive details such as 3 ways to get a new ballot and another 3 ways to report illegal or fraudulent activity. The Secretary of State really … Continue reading

Two Easy Ways to Be a Smart Voter

March 3, 2022
Be a smart voter! Presidential elections get a lot of attention, but elections at the state, county, and local level shape your community. It’s important to remember that your vote is your voice, and you should use it! … Continue reading

Jerry Weinberger 1942- 2021
In Memoriam: Jerry Weinberger, 1942 – 2021

June 11, 2021
Jerry Weinberger was a founding member of the National Voter Corps, a tireless defender of voter rights, a dedicated father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, and a dear friend. He passed away peacefully on June 4, 2021 after a brief illness. Jerry was born on February 12, 1942 in San Francisco, CA and was raised in Wildwood, … Continue reading

Proposed: National Voter Election Code

June 9, 2021
Please forward this to your network, especially to friends living in states where voter rights are threatened:
It behooves our Congress to support legislation to create a uniform National Voter Election Code to ensure that the same rules apply for every voter relating only to the time, place and manner of elections as per Section … Continue reading

My Personal Opinion
An OpEd from Jerry Weinberger

February 5, 2021
First, let me preface this by saying that – as a founding member of the National Voter Corps (an exclusively NON-partisan organization) – I am dedicated to the concept of One Person, One Vote, Every Vote Counted. For me, voting is not – and should never be – a partisan issue… Continue reading

You & the Voting Rights Battle of 2021

February 1, 2021
The Brennan Center for Justice recently published “Voting Laws Roundup 2021” (February 8, 2021) By their count, 33 states had proposed about 100 bills to restrict voting access… Continue reading

COVID-19 Threatens Democracy, Too

April 2, 2020
How long can the primaries be postponed, and what will happen in November? Nine states have postponed primary elections due to the Corona virus.  What will happen If the crisis lasts past the new election dates?  The U.S. has never cancelled federal elections before — even during WWII, soldiers were sent special vote-by-mail ballots … Continue reading

Fight Back Against Voter Roll Purges

October 12, 2018
Each day seems to bring new reports on attacks on citizens’ right to vote, especially African Americans and people of color. Most of us react in one of two ways –  flight or fight. Flight looks like getting depressed, complaining to friends and maybe taking … Continue reading

What Do You Mean I’m Not Registered?!

September 12, 2018
OMG! I’ve voted in California for decades, and founded the National Voter Corps. How can I possibly be “unregistered?!”  Well, I moved this summer and had notified the California DMV which automatically updates the voter registration records.  Last week the DMV reported they were correcting several thousand voter registrations due to a software problem. So, … Continue reading

Alabama’s Shameful Achievement

August 20, 2018
A shameful achievement – Alabama illustrates 7 ways to limit the right to vote: 1. Require Photo IDs… Continue reading

A Unique (but Much Needed) Approach to Voter Registration

August 9, 2018
Prison inmates are largely ignored when it comes to voter registration efforts. Most people – including prisoners themselves– assume they are ineligible to vote. While convicted felons cannot vote, inmates who are awaiting trial (and therefore innocent until proven guilty) or serving time for misdemeanors are actually qualified to register and vote.  A Chicago-area group … Continue reading

Mi Familia Vota in California’s Central Valley

August 3, 2018
Are you frustrated by low voter turnout and attempts to suppress voting? Here’s a ridiculously easy way to join the fight…come to a party and donate. Mi Familia Vota  is a national civic engagement organization that unites Latino, immigrant and allied communities to promote social and and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration and … Continue reading

Why is the NVC Non-partisan?

April 3, 2018
It seems just about every day, we hear about new constraints making it more difficult for citizens to vote.  These barriers are being raised by state governments controlled by Republicans.  Several Republican legislators have even bragged that they have reduced voter turnout among Democrats.  Many Republican-controlled legislatures have enacted laws crafted for them by a … Continue reading

An activist holds a sign outside the U.S. Supreme Court in 2019.
How Politicians Pick Who You Vote For

September 17, 2017
In October the Supreme Court will begin deliberations on a ruling that could change the toxic environment of our politics. In the much-anticipated case of Whitford vs. Gill, the court will review the redistricting plan of Wisconsin, which a panel of three federal judges ruled was unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court’s decision in this case could … Continue reading

Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote?

April 4, 2017
At times in the not so distant past, our nation has criminalized activity that we now at least tolerate.  It has been a felony to criticize our government, to marry outside of one’s race, to make wine, to engage in some forms of sex with one’s spouse, to belong … Continue reading