What Do You Mean I’m Not Registered?!

OMG! I’ve voted in California for decades, and founded the National Voter Corps. How can I possibly be “unregistered?!” 

Well, I moved this summer and had notified the California DMV which automatically updates the voter registration records.  Last week the DMV reported they were correcting several thousand voter registrations due to a software problem. So, I checked my voter registration status.

“Unregistered” – me? In disbelief, I tried again. This time the screen said I was registered.  I trust the California government to fix this problem, but voters in Virginia, Georgia, Texas and many others cannot.  Those states are actively trying to de-register voters.

You’ve heard the stories about gerrymandering and false claims of voter fraud used to deny citizens their right to vote.  More and more we see editorials, articles and books warning our country is at risk. The latest, “How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy,” is the subtitle of One Person, No Vote, a new book by Carol Anderson reviewed in the September/October Washington Monthly.

Want to turn your angst into action? National Voter Corps has launched a major campaign to help protect the vote in several voter suppression states.  To join, contact info@nationalvotercorps.org.  Help warn these voters, so on Election Day, they won’t be saying “What do you mean, I’m not registered?!”