URGENT!  Join a nonpartisan effort to reach out to people of color in voter suppression states, urging them to check their registration status and to vote!  The Center for Common Ground, the NAACP and National Voter Corps are teaming up to fight voter suppression and voter purging, through hundreds of virtual phonebanks to underrepresented voters in states like Virginia, Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin and Alabama.  JOIN US TODAY and make some calls; one hour of your time will make a difference!! See Reclaim Our Vote and contact info@nationalvotercorps.org to sign up.

National Voter Corps  mobilizes volunteers to assist voting organizations nationwide. We have built a 50-state map of voting rights organizations looking for your help.  Click on any state  or D.C. on the map below to contact organizations promoting voter participation and access.

Lyft is offering discounted & free rides on
Election Day, Nov. 6!  See more.