Call for Action!

NVC mobilizes volunteers to assist grass roots voting organizations nationwide so that every voter counts and every vote is counted!

Click on a state or D.C. on our US Volunteer Map for local organizations, or look for National Organizations to join the fight for voting rights. 

It’s urgent – our democracy is in danger, here and now. Click on Crushing American Democracy for a short introduction to why our democracy is in danger, right now.

Sign this Petition today! US Senate – exempt Voting Rights legislation from the Filibuster!” Budget Reconciliation, Speaking in person, Nominations for top Federal positions and the Supreme Court are all exempted. Why not Voting Rights, too? With a goal to reach 1 million signatures, I need your help. Please sign the petition and forward this email to your contacts, asking them to sign and send on. Thank you, Alice Smith.

See The Rise & Fall of the 1965 Voting Rights Act (and what we must do about it) to find out why we MUST pass the Freedom to Vote John Lewis Act (2022)!

Know anyone reluctant to vote? Who finds the ballot overwhelming? Send them this link to Easy Informed Voter (very simple, very short).

Here’s a hands-on way to help people vote – become a poll worker. Go to to look up information on how to work at the polls on Election Day.