Fight Back Against Voter Roll Purges

“Minority Voters Purged From Polls” “Arkansas Voter ID Law Upheld”  Each day seems to bring new reports on attacks on citizens’ right to vote, especially African Americans and people of color. Most of us react in one of two ways –  flight or fight.

Flight looks like getting depressed, complaining to friends and maybe taking refuge in a social media bubble of like-minded thinkers.

Fight looks like taking constructive action. You can register voters, write post cards, canvass minority neighborhoods, phone or text bank.

Don’t have much time? Can’t drive to the meeting? No worries. Call voters in suppression states from the comfort of your couch!  For a little while or a lot – you decide.  For more info, see Reclaim Our Vote.

Join the fight for voter rights, right nowNovember 6 is approaching fast. Contact to sign up.

Should Felons be Allowed to Vote?

At times in the not so distant past, our nation has criminalized activity that we now at least tolerate.  It has been a felony to criticize our government, to marry outside of one’s race, to make wine, to engage in some forms of sex with one’s spouse, to belong to the Communist Party, to be a homosexual, and much else.  In some states, if you were found guilty of violating one of these laws, you would have lost forever your right to vote.  Moreover, laws have been made that criminalize activities thought to be more common among certain people for the purpose of catching some of them breaking these laws and then disenfranchising them.  In particular such laws have been devised to deny voting rights to black Americans.
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