Nat’l Organizations

These national organizations form a potent force to protect American elections and help citizens register, get voter IDs and vote. Click on the name for more information and to see if they have a local chapter in your state.

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

ACLU PEOPLE POWER – the ACLU’s platform for grassroots action

ADC –  American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

ADVANCEMENT PROJECT a next generation, multi-racial civil rights organization

ALLIANCE FOR YOUTH ORGANIZING – grows progressive people power across America by empowering local young people’s organizations

BALLOTPEDIAthe Encyclopedia of American Politics

CARPOOL VOTE – We connect volunteer drivers with anybody who needs a ride to claim their vote

COMMON CAUSE – Holding Power Accountable

EAC.GOVUS Election Assistance Commission

FAIR ELECTIONS CENTER –  promotes voting rights and election reform for traditionally underrepresented constituencies through litigation and legal expertise

LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

MI FAMILIA VOTA EDUCATION FUND – working to unite the Latino community and its allies to promote social and economic justice through increased civic participation.

NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

NASSNational Association of Secretaries of State

NATIONAL ELECTION DEFENSE COALITION Secure American Elections from cyber-threats

NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD FOUNDATION -public education and grants to legal projects engaged in the defense of political and civil rights.

NCSLNational Council of State Legislatures

RECLAIM THE AMERICAN DREAMan informational website to help Restore democracy, Reduce Inequality

ROCK THE VOTE engage and mobilize millenials 

SPREADTHEVOTE.ORG – We get IDs for every of the year + election day

STATE VOICES – Non-partisan civic engagement

STUDENTS LEARN STUDENTS VOTE.ORG we need to have elections that include all the people

THE VOTER PARTICIPATION CENTER Register and Mobilize the Rising American Electorate

THE VOTING RIGHTS ALLIANCE restore and protect American Voting Rights and ensure every vote is counted

TURBOVOTE.ORG – Makes voting easy

VERIFIED VOTING How will my vote be counted?

VOTE.ORG Everything you need to vote

VOTEATHOME.ORG Ensuring the integrity of our elections and putting voters’ needs first

VOTERIDERSVoteRiders is making sure no eligible citizen is denied his or her right to vote for lack of ID.

VOTE411.ORG Election information you need, provided by the League of Women Voters Education fund

WHEN WE ALL VOTE.ORG -fighting for fair, safe, and accessible voting for all Americans.