National Voter Corps connects potential volunteers to organizations that are looking for help with their voter programs.  In addition to National Organizations, those listed on the 50-State Map below work to increase the right to vote and civic participation in many ways, such as:

  • help people obtain voter IDs
  • help every eligible citizen register to vote
  • help get out the vote during elections
  • make it easier for voters to gain access to their polling places
  • conduct voter education campaigns

Click on any state or D.C. to find organizations needing your help.

Other ways to promote voter rights:

  • Join NVC (on every page) to get notices about events and time-critical phone bank or voter transportation efforts.
  • Check  out National Organizations to find additional groups in your state.
  • Contact info@nationalvotercorps.org  to add your organization to our map or to phone bank with NVC.
  • Become more educated on issues, legislation and current elections at sites such as Ballotpedia .