Reclaim Our Vote

Have you seen Suppressed: the Fight to Vote,” a 35-minute film by Brave New Films about the huge voter suppression problem in Georgia?  Prepare to be shocked that this could happen in our own country, and to understand the urgency behind the Reclaim Our Vote campaign.

Reclaim Our Vote always needs volunteers to make phone calls, send texts and write post cards… Do these calls make a difference? You bet!       Nancy G reports … I just spoke with a pastor who wants more info so she can share it with other churches. She said, “I didn’t know about this election. They used to come around the churches and talk for a few minutes. Where did all those people go?” I got her email and will email her info, but it also means that she will reach out to other churches, and this ripple effect can be huge…. And we do not always know when we leave a message whether this will plant a seed and more people will hear about the election.”


RECLAIM OUR VOTE is a volunteer-driven, nonpartisan voter outreach campaign organized by the Center for Common Ground of Virginia, with the help of the NAACP, Black Voters Matter, VoteRiders, DemLabs, Mi Familia Vota and other organizations. We’re contacting de-registered yet voting eligible voters of color in Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Colorado and Arizona in 2019 (and many additional states in 2020), to help them re-register and get to the polls. Over the next several months, we’ll need volunteers from all over the United States to help us contact these voters.

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  • Ready to phonebank from your own home? Want to host a postcard party? Join at least one online phonebank training session to learn the  ropes:
  • Start a team of Reclaim Our Vote phonebankers or postcard-writers in  your area:
  • And/or write to us at (include how you heard about us).


Since 2017 they have been registering and turning out under-represented voters in Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Texas and Arizona. 2018 saw massive voter suppression in Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina, with voter registration forms destroyed, or not accepted. (See Voter Suppression for details.)

For the 2018 midterm election, Reclaim Our Vote provided a way to contact voters who had been moved from “registered” to “inactive” and de-registered (“unregistered”) status while there was still time to encourage them to re-register. As those deadlines passed, the focus changed to encouraging still-registered voters to vote.Black Voters Matter and the Reclaim Our Vote project made 253,000 phone calls in the fall of 2018, including 185,000 calls to Georgia (with Black Voters Matter), 29,000 calls to Mississippi, 19,000 calls to Virginia, and 5,000 calls to Texas. Canvassing teams on the ground followed up with those who could not be reached by phone and we provided a number to call to voters who needed transportation to the poll.

Voting is the bedrock of our democracy! Reclaim our vote.