Coalition for Underrepresented Voter Outreach

People Demanding Action and National Voter Corps are collaborating with dozens of national and state organizations to launch CUVO – Coalition for Underrepresented Voter Outreach.  This is a national nonpartisan movement to assist people of color, the disabled, elderly and youth—all voting groups facing significant barriers to voting.

Our coalition currently includes the NAACP, Voto Latino, VoteRiders, Black Voters Matter, Second Chances Florida, APIAVote, AAPD, and many other groups known for mobilizing the most vulnerable members of the voting population.

CUVO grew out of three successful phonebanks reaching out to African American voters in Virginia and Alabama in the last part of 2017, and African American and Asian American voters in Pennsylvania’s 18th District in March 2018.  One example of CUVO’s practical approach is, a nonpartisan, free ride share app that will “connect volunteer drivers with anybody who needs a ride to claim their vote.”

By expanding our volunteer base and working intensively in about sixteen key states, in close collaboration with the organizations already seeking to mobilize specific voting populations, we know we can have a much greater impact on the upcoming midterm elections.

If you would like to join us in this effort, please contact