3 Dirty Tricks of Gerrymandering

Gerry­man­der­ing is a polit­ical tactic in which voting bound­ar­ies are drawn with the inten­tion of influ­en­cing who gets elec­ted. But how is it done? When we dig into the details we find 3 dirty tricks that are consistently used.

Before redistricting, GOLD wins 2 seats,
GREEN wins 3 seats.
By gerrymandering the electoral map,
GOLD wins 3 district seats through cracking,
GREEN wins 2 district seats through packing.

Stacking is a practice of combining low-income, less educated minorities together to create a perceived voting majority and then placing it in the same district as high-income, more-educated voters who turn out in greater numbers.

Packing combines as many voters as possible (often minorities) into a single district to prevent that group from affecting election outcomes in other districts.

Cracking breaks up a group of minority voters into several districts to prevent them from reaching a majority.

Learn to recognize these 3 dirty tricks and call them out at the local and state level.