Must-See Articles (Jerry’s Introduction)

Ever see articles on voting rights that make you go “Wow!?” I’ve saved my favorites to share with people who care about voting rights and preserving our democracy. The list will be updated as I find articles worthy of your interest, so please check back regularly. The list is no longer being updated – rest in peace, Jerry, our friend.

I welcome comments – that are thoughtful and free of trash talk. As it has been said, “When they go low, we go high.” Let’s go!

Voter Suppression, “what is it, really?” people have been asking me lately. See for yourself in my latest entry, the Brave New Films video Suppressed – The Fight to Vote.

Disclaimer: I make every effort to post only articles consistent with NVC’s policy of non-partisanship. (Note that these articles are neither written nor verified by National Voter Corps.) However, voting has lately become a highly politicized subject. While both parties have historically used redistricting to favor their interests, in recent years one party has taken vote suppression in its various forms to new levels. So I’m sharing articles that are not intentionally partisan in nature, but are simply stating the facts.

Jerry, the Editor